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Each rider is different in body makeup and riding style, so why treat everyone the same? 

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 Whether you have an existing bike or are just looking for a new ride,  The Fit Right will provide you with a better understanding of your ride geometry, and how you feel and fit on your bike. 


The FIST method of bike fitting is a standard among bike shops across the country.  You will have confidence knowing that you can use these measurements to purchase your next bike, or feel better riding your existing one. 

I Don't Need a Bike fit, Do I?

It is true that there is no correct position, nor even a correct range, for every customer.  But yes, in fact there is a specific, measurable, precise way to ride a triathlon or road bike.  It is not a universal nor template "cookie-cutter" position, but it is the typical position chosen by the athletes themselves, just like there is a typical  position for racing.  The efficiency of this position is measurable and it is provable. The difference is that the typical triathlon position is aggressive and requires a degree of athleticism above that which is different, but required for standard road riding. A smaller percentage can achieve the typical triathlon position. Because of this, and since triathletes as a group span a wider range of athletic abilities, triathlon specific positions can vary greatly. For the road cyclists, this same concept and positioning can translate just as efficiently and provide the same comfort when implemented correctly.

Why a Bike Fit is for You

 The trick for the fitter is to qualify the customer and discover where along that gradient he or she lies; then to know how to properly position the customer according to his or her degree of athleticism; and finally how to suggest the appropriate bike(s), aerobars, etc., for each person.  Yes, we absolutely do believe in the concept of steep seat angles for the appropriate customer.  At some point you must actually get around to measuring bikes, body angles, and the like.  And a FIST fit is not simply a process where a fitter helps an athlete find any position that feels comfortable; far from it.  The end result of a properly executed bike fit is a position that conforms to a very narrow set of pre-determined specs, measured both as angles formed by the body and points on the bike, road or tri-specific.

FIST accreditation validates to the customer that you are a bike fit professional.