Your Bike Fitting Session

Your Bike Fitting Session

Form and Ride Anaylsis, Power Output Fit Analysis, and Correction

Your bike fit session may include a customized fit on the EXIT fit systems bike.  Sessions range 1-2.5 hours depending on your needs. Your fit session will include an analysis of your riding style, FIST fitting and adjustment, and transferring of your fit measurements to your existing bike.

Your personalized copy of your fit sheet will be emailed to you (for future adjustments or that new bike you've always wanted).

The FIST method of bike fitting is a standard among bike shops across the country.  You will have confidence knowing that you can use these measurements to purchase your next bike.

Whether you have an existing bike or are just looking for a new ride,  The Fit Right will provide you with a better understanding of your ride geometry, and how you feel and fit on your bike. When looking for a fit, the only question you need to ask is...

"Did You Get The Fit Right”?